Grieving In The Dark: You Are Not Alone.

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Grieving in the dark is an experience that we all must encountered in life. Rather it’s over a loved one, your family, your children, your friend or your spouse.

We must remind ourselves living in today’s world troubles is going to happen and there’s nothing we can do about that. This is something we can’t control and fixed because we believe we can. Life is a challenge for all of us and we hate to see the uncertainties of

life take place in the lives of others. It’s not a good feeling to either of us. One day we are up and the next day we are grieving. Many times, we ask ourselves why is this happening? Is God with us, is He concern about what we’re going through, does He hear us, did He forget about us. All these questions are okay to ask God because He wants to hear how we feel and what we are going through. This is not because He

doesn’t know. Surely, He knows and already see the problems, but He wants us to trust Him and stay connected to Him through prayer and supplications. Nobody competed in a race without connections. Nobody goes to counseling with someone counseling them. Jesus Christ is the greatest counselor, coach, and mentor we could ever have. What we don’t know He will help us understand and give us clarity regarding what to do. Grieving in the dark you are not alone. He is always with you ready to comfort you. He is your shoulder when you need someone to lean on. Remember God loves you for who  you are even during your time of grief. So, don’t get discourage, don’t faint and become helpless. Stay strong, know you are uniquely made in His image. Don’t grow bitter during

your grieving time. Stay positive, hopeful and true to yourself. God sees you as victorious.