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Obstacles stand between you and God, and they are imperfections that can weaken your mind, body, soul, and spirit. So how do we avoid or overcome these obstacles when they are trying to destroy the very temple that God wants to build up? How do we stay true to the path of divine purpose while not being discouraged by the many obstacles in all their shapes, forms, and sizes?

Overcoming Obstacles in Your Walk with God is designed to help you grow mentally, physically, and spiritually by teaching you how to let God take total control over your life. Whether there are obstacles in your relationships, in your career, or even in your faith, Christ assured us the power and the strength to overcome any obstacle. But we must turn to the Word and let God see us through if we want to know how to endure the storms of life.

Letting God take total control starts with you, and once you believe his Word and start applying it to your life, then you will see how God helps you overcome the obstacles on his ordained path. So don’t get discouraged along the way, and even through betrayal, mistreatment, and failures, knowing who you are in Christ will lead you on a road of success, positivity, and peace.

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Evangelist Cynthia Ousley-Garey is the CEO and founder of God’s Divine Purpose For Your Life Ministr

Together we can Rise Above The Obstacles.


I work with a very limited number of people at one time but these people are YOU!


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Upcoming Women Leadership Conference in Kenya.

International Women Leadership Conference.

Denim & Diamonds Cocktails & Conversation Event.

This event is all about dealing with Grief and Anxiety and what you must do to overcome this dangerous attack. July 18th, 2020.